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Project site, published by Chamber of commerce and industry - Blagoegrad, Bulgaria in the frame of the project "Promotion of rural and mountain hiking/bicycle tourism between Bulgaria and Macedonia" financed by the Cross-border cooperation programmme between Bulgaria and FYROM under Instrument for pre-accesstion assistance 2007-2013 of the EU.

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Chamber of Commerce - Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Blagoevgrad

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad was founded in 1992 as an independent NGO employers. The main purpose of the Court is to protect the business interests of its members to provide information and advice to companies in Southwestern Bulgaria, to support their efforts for financial stability and competitiveness.

    The organization unites 170 members right out loud, and over 1,300 associate members. Management is performed by 5-chlenenen Board, elected by the General Assembly members.

    Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad is part of the system of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, which includes 28 regional chambers. As part of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce - Blagoevgrad is included in the global network of chambers of commerce.

    BCCI's membership in international organizations authorizing it to issue and endorse documents that support foreign trade companies. To achieve this function, the Court supports the Unified Trade Register. Database "Commercial Register" is visited daily by about 1000 customers. With the entry of firms in the Uniform Commercial register of the BCCI, their information becomes available through the Internet for Bulgarian and foreign customers. Court brings together more than 44,000 members.

    At Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Blagoevgrad incorporated City business representatives working in Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Razlog, Bansko, Kresna Strumyani, Garmen Satovcha Yakoruda Belitsa and Hadjidimovo.

    From 2008 to the Chamber of Commerce - Blagoevgrad Affairs European Information Centre Europe Direct Southwest, which is part of the Information Network Europe Direct, which covers the entire European Union.


    Court in Blagoevgrad has signed partnership agreements with Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki, Drama, Serres, Kavala and Pieria, with the Court of Commerce, Industry and Navigation - Gijon, Spain, the Working Group of the economic chambers along the boundaries of the candidate EU accession - Arguello 28 Euroregion "Strymon - Struma" and others.

    At regional level, the Court maintains partnership relations with local government, public administration, universities and professional schools and other organizations in the NGO sector.

    With representatives Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad participate in the Regional Development Council, Regional Council for Tripartite Cooperation, Regional Council for safety and others.

    Municipal business offices

    Consensus is the belief of the Board of Trade and Industry that the business must have a legitimate public representative in each municipality in the region of Blagoevgrad, to speak on his behalf, a partner of state and municipal administrations to support sound policy, leading to rising living standards of people in the municipality as well as new quality of human labor resources.

    The creation of municipal business representatives to CCI - Blagoevgrad in a test of the ability of regional businesses to organize in a more democratic and modern format, which can be carried out public and informal contacts with state and local administrative structures, and to be defended much more actively the interests of small and medium businesses in the municipality.

    The priority tasks of the municipal business offices of the organization:
  • Joining the efforts of entrepreneurs in the municipality to solve the current problems associated with its economic and social development;
  • Providing employers of wider institutional and authoritative representation in municipal and state institutions;
  • Expanding the partnership beneficial contacts between business and local municipal entities carrying out programs related to the financial stability of the local economy and development of existing economic and personnel resources in the region of the municipality;
  • Offering expert advice on issues related to social and economic development of the municipality;
  • Provide ongoing information exchange between companies, members of the business mission and companies that support his public activity;
  • Generation of specific ideas, suggestions and solutions that would provide optimal formatting of the municipal financial and economic and social policy;
  • Involvement of business representatives to public events and initiatives - such as: Tripartite Cooperation Council, Municipal Council for safety, Regional Council for Employment, Committee on public procurement, etc.
  • Protection of entrepreneurship attempts to its elimination as a factor in the socio-economic life of the municipality;
  • Attracting new businesses to members of the municipal business representation to the Commerce and Industry Office in Blagoevgrad.

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