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Project site, published by Chamber of commerce and industry - Blagoegrad, Bulgaria in the frame of the project "Promotion of rural and mountain hiking/bicycle tourism between Bulgaria and Macedonia" financed by the Cross-border cooperation programmme between Bulgaria and FYROM under Instrument for pre-accesstion assistance 2007-2013 of the EU.

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Date and Time

DATE 28/03/2020


About the Project  |  Specific objectives  |  Consistency with programme strategy  |  Overall objectives of the project  |  About IPA Cross Border Programme


Project Activities

  • 1. Collection of information and elaboration of a study for business opportunities for small-scale private investments in the field of rural and mountain hiking/bicycle tourism:
    • Will explore the development of rural and mountain tourism, where they are already developed and what are guest houses, restaurants, cafes, lodges, ski runs and how to move them. Market analysis: detailed description of local natural and cultural attractions (Blagoevgrad), tourism infrastructure, sources of financing new investments, potential suppliers of services and goods, resistance to long and medium term business opportunities.

  • 2. Collection of information on public transport links:
    • Will analyze the transport infrastructure in the Blagoevgrad region: major roads and minor roads, prices, schedules of all carriers in the region, there are ways to travel without their own transport. Where no adequate modes, will make new proposals for improvements to road infrastructure.

  • 3. Creation of joint tourist product:
    • The product will be electronic and paper version. You can combine information on: the most attractive places to visit, border crossings through which to pass, the location of various natural and cultural attractions, local traditions, topography, existing infrastructure, etc. The product should be a guide for tourists without their own transport: places to relax, visit, to eat, shops, public transport schedules. The product must have a mobile version, compatible with mobile phones.

As a result of these three activities are expected to create a single database published on the project site to serve tourists and tour operators. Expected revival of the tourist flow in the two border regions Repubika Bulgaria and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

  • 4. Preparation of the project site, update the project site and construction of a database:
    • The site must contain the logo of the program under which the project is implemented, any information concerning the project (nature of activities, expected results, beneficiaries, project duration, etc.) The site is in English, Bulgarian and makedonski.V site must contain a link to a database that will be built during the project.

  • 5. Design of interior and suggestions to improve the architectural facades of buildings in towns and villages:
    • Design and manufacture of 5 offers interior design and improvement of the architectural facades of buildings in towns and villages. Drawings must depict traditional and specific facades embodying contemporary design and technology to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of tourist destinations in the project area.

  • 6. Organization of tourist events:
    • Tourism events are two-one business meetings in Bulgaria and the second Makedoniya.Tselevite groups for these events are tour operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs, tourists in two border regions.

  • 7. Organise training of entrepreneurs and sports animators:
    • Training of entrepreneurs within 150 hours. The theme of the training is "How to start and develop their own tourism business." Training of sports animators are within 100 hours. Training aimed at increasing competitiveness and capacity of local entrepreneurs and employees in the tourism sector, developing and maintaining local blagorazvitie. Trainings have both theoretical and practical relevance. As a result, are expected to exchange good practices and know-how of interregional and international levels.

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    About the Project  |  Specific objectives  |  Consistency with programme strategy  |  Overall objectives of the project  |  About IPA Cross Border Programme